November 24th, 2005

3rd US Starbucks Goes IWW
UNION SQUARE STARBUCKS PICKET 4pm-7pm this coming Black Friday, November 25th.
"Don't Cross Our Picket Lines!" means we're discouraging people from going
inside. Picketers are asked to put 5 bucks in the tip jar if they can spare it.
Tell friends and allies. Spread the word.
By Tommy NYC
> Workers at Third U.S. Starbucks Go Union -- Baristas Demand Guaranteed Work Hours
New York, NY- 25 Starbucks baristas and supporters wearing union pins and
hats surrounded the store manager at the Union Square location in Manhattan
tonight to announce their membership in the IWW Starbucks Workers Union
( The workers, joined by union baristas from two
other New York Starbucks stores, demanded a guaranteed minimum of 30 hours
of work per week and an end to Starbucks' unlawful anti-union campaign.
The Union will assail Starbucks with a wide array of actions until the
demands are met.

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