November 13th, 2005


So here are some updates on the weekend past and present with the D to the triple muthafuckin a.

Last weekend we started off with going out to support the Foster Farms strikers in Livingston. Then we tabled in the downtown area, hit the dumpsters, gathered clothes. Did really free market. Then we practiced, then we tabled again, and made about 10$ in donations to the collective. Then we did food not bombs on sunday, squatted over the weekend. Went and saw thought riot on Sunday.

This weekend, we tabled at the benifit show for Rob Los Ricos, met with people from CAPS, (California Anarchist Prisoner Support), Vox Populi, (anarcho-punk collective), and some other distros. Then Saturday we did a Really Free Market, which went really really well. Alot of people took stuff, our flyers, and some people brought stuff to share. We practiced, (my band, reappropriation), and then we went down town.

There was some yuppie party going on, and we danced inside their party with the yuppies, stole some cups for food not bombs, and then left. It was great. The others are at the squat, and I'm here cause I needed to get the stuff for food not bombs tomorrow.

The end.