A Breakaway March Inside my Pants! (crudocrust) wrote,
A Breakaway March Inside my Pants!

Quick Linkies to Good Reads (Many of these are free books, enjoy!)

Anarchist Introductions, General Theory
Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

Anarchism: From Theory to Practice

Days of War, Nights of Love

What is Anarcho-Communism?

Fighting for our Lives

One Hundred Thousand Volunteers Needed

Anarchism as an International Relations Theory

Anarchism, Indigenism, and the State

Anarchism in Action

Noam Chomsky: Notes on Anarchism

An Anarchist FAQ

Anarchist Praxis and Critique
In the Spirit of Total Resistance: A Spark of Anarchist Resistance

Demonstrating Resistance:
Mass Action and Autonomous Action in the Election Year

The Inefficient Utopia

Direct Action: What it is, what it‘s good for, how it works

Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention

Notes on Insurectionary Anarchism

Upping the Anti

Do or Die: Voices from the Ecological Resistance

Blocs, Black and Otherwise

Let me light my cigarette on your burning blockade: Crimethinc Look at G8 Protests

Peace is Patriotic, and that‘s the Problem: An Anarchist Critique

Work, Community, Politics, War

Don‘t (Just) Vote: Get Active

Anarchist Organization not Leninist Vanguards

NEFAC Workplace Position Paper

Don‘t Just Protest, Organize!

Anarchist Economics
Anarchist Economics

Common Sense Reasons for Workers Self-Management

The Conquest of Bread

Fields, Factories, and Workshops

Is a Monelyless Economy Possible?

Anarchist, Anti-Authoritarian, and Radical History
Homage to Catalonia

The Spanish Revolution: Anarchism in Action

Que se vayan todos: Argentina‘s Popular Rebellion

The Rebellion in LA: The context of a Proletarian Uprising

Living my Life: Emma Goldman

Seattle General Strike 1919

Italian Factory Occupations

Self-Management as Resistance in Ireland 1920

The Zapatistas, anarchism, and direct democracy

Anarchism in the Russian Revolution

Hungry 56‘

Paris 68‘

Free Software Movement: Anarchism in Action

Industrial Unionism and Anarcho-Syndicalists in Africa

Kwanju Uprising 1980

SF Shuts Down as War Starts 2003

Warner Creek Tree Sit

German Autonomist Movement

Italy‘s Autonomia

Past and Present Anarchist Communities

Collected Essays of George Katsiaficas

Society of the Spectalce

The Revolution of Everyday Life

Intro to the Situationists

The Revolution of Everyday Life

Why Freegan?

Dropping Out: For Students

Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations

Squatters Handbook

Green Anarchy and Anarcho-Primitivism
Against Civilization

Green Anarchist Infoshop

Species Traitor

Green Anarchy Direct Action News Center

Industrial Workers of the World
IWW Preamble

Here Come the Wobblies!

Anarchism and Race
Anarchist People of Color: Our Culture Our Resistance

Anarchism and the Black Revolution

Anti-Racist Action and Militant Black Youth Riot Against Cops and Nazis

Race Traitor

Critical Resistance and Prison Abolition

Earth and Animal Liberation
Memories of Freedom

What is the Animal Liberation Front?

What is the Earth Liberation Front?

Earth Civics

Reclaim the Streets: Away with all cars!

Fuck Marxist-Leninism
A Critical Look at the RCP

Infoshop Expose‘ on Marxist-Leninist Parties

Fuck Lenin

Anarcha-Feminism: Quiet Rumors

Irish Liberation Struggle
The War in Ireland

Ireland‘s Own Revolutionary History

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