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Free Tookie Event in Modesto CA


Stanlie "Tookie" Williams, was convicted in the early 80's in four murders. Tookie was the founder of a gang of Crips, and was convicted of the killings during four robberies. Tookie regrets his gang involvement, but maintains his innocence. According to the www.savetookie.org website, "He maintains innocence of the crimes he was accused of, and faced racist discrimination throughout his trial. One issue highlighted the fact that the prosecutor in Tookie's original case removed three African-American jurors from the jury. During Stan's trial, this prosecutor made racially-coded remarks during his closing argument, comparing Stan during the trial to a Bengal tiger in the zoo and stating that a black community - South Central Los Angeles - was equivalent to the natural "habitat" of a Bengal Tiger." (Learn more at the Tookie fact sheet here: http://www.savetookie.org/documents/tookie_fact_sheet_10.18.05.pdf).

Tookie has not spent this time in jail without doing anything. He has been nominated 5 times for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to help young people get and stay our of gangs, and has written numerous books on the subject.

Please attend the Teach In and Film Showing event in Modesto on Saturday, (10am-3pm, King Kennedy Center, on 601 North MLK road, Modesto).
, also, show this flyer to people online, and also call, (916-445-2841), and email the governer, (governor@governor.ca.gov).

Sample Letter:

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

Please do not allow the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams. There are facts about his case that show that racial injustices have taken place. He is one ex-gang member that can reach the gang kids - or potential future gang kids - and help them turn their lives around. Don't lose him! The teens of today desperately need his kind of approach and knowledge in the reality of street gang life so they can make life-saving, better choices. Stanley Tookie Williams represents hope to these kids. Don't kill their hope.

I know you care about youth, Governor. Please support our youth by granting clemency to Mr. Williams.

{Your name and address}

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